We provide an expert wardrobe consult and personal shopping service to our professional, fashion savvy but time-strapped clients.  We've toiled in the corporate world and understand how to deliver a polished look that communicates style, professionalism and confidence to existing and potential clients.  Whether you're trying to win new business, making multiple media appearances or striving to make your wife's friends green with envy -- we'll help you look the part. 
Your Closet
Style Counsel’s Trophy Husband Style Guide:
      1. 1.Wear clothes that fit -   
      Sounds simple doesn’t it?  A greater attention to  fit will make a world of difference.  Tired of having  that “ballooning” or "blousing" look when you tuck your shirt in because there’s too much material.  Try a slimmer fit or take it to a tailor you trust to have  the shirt taken in.  Usually the body’s just taken in and depending on where you go, a $10-$12 shirt alteration fee is a great price to give your shirt a second life i n your rotation.  
      2.  Don’t be afraid of colour 
      Its happened to all of us.  In some work environments you wear pink in one day and you’ll be asked if its breast  cancer awareness day.  People find colour odd and they don’t get it.  Don’t be one of them.  It could be as simple as topping your suit with a colourful pocket square, tie, watchband or probably the easiest, your socks or shoelaces.

      3.  Go Handsfree
      Why walk around with your keys in your hand, your phone on your belt,  your wallet creating bulges in your pockets - invest in either a slim billford as a wallet, a sleek phone case or leave it all to a man bag.  Don’t be afraid of colour either, in the man bag,  something bold  that you can take off  as you get comfortable embracing colour to set off the blacks and the greys
      4.   Be a step ahead
      Ever wonder how people are the first to jump on something?  Its as simple as opening your eyes.  People watching is a great skill to have to watch how others do it.  We’re fortunate to live in a diverse exciting city where people push the envelope when it comes to style.  Need some inspiration? -- take a TTC subway ride  in the downtown core for just a few stops even.  Observe what people are wearing and steal with pride.  
      5. Diversify
      The same rules you apply to your investments apply just as well for your wardrobe.  Have some variety in your closet.  Don't be that person that has a 4-shirt rotation and everyone can predict what clothes you're going to be wearing.  Just as you don't put all your money into one sector, don't invest in just the same type of shirt.  If you happen to love gingham shirts, or have really taken a liking to a certain brand/designer, there's no shame at all in getting it in every colour; however, opting for different patterns, colours and keeping with the same brand, cut and designer would also keep them guessing.  
The StapleS - GEnts
  • Black/Navy/Gray suit - you can’t be powerful without the “power suit”.  Keep it trim, and look for the little things like a ticket pocket (a third pocket usually on the right hand side  designed to hold a commuter ticket), funky stitching , etc… just a few details to keep it from being another dark suit
  • Blazer (patterned, check) - something different in terms of pattern but not too out there that people recognize you’re wearing the same jacket over and over and something that allows you to wear it with different colour combinations to have a fresh unique look every time
  • V-neck sweater - go for a neck that allows you the option to wear both a T-shirt  and a collared shirt underneath.  Something thin that allows you to use this as a layering piece as well underneath a suit jacket/blazer.  Usually Merino Wool is the best and I’ve been purchasing these from Banana Republic for 15 years, my reco for the place to go for this
  • White/Blue Dress shirt - as simple as it sounds, always need a simple crisp dress shirt.  Get one that suits your body type and pay attention to the type of collars that best suite your face.  Ask us for more details, but if you have a rounder pug , try spread  or wide collars  to remain proportionate with your face.  Also, use WOODEN hangers to hang your shirts, only reason to keep wire hangers around is if you have a habit of locking your keys in the car.
  • Black/Brown Lace-ups - Classic, elegant, a must-have.  Keep them polished - some say you learn a lot about a man from his shoes and their condition
  • Loafers - anything to balance up the days you wear the lace ups
  • Golf shirt - if you’re favourite golf shirt has sleeves to your elbows., its time to give it away to charity.  Today’s edgier golf shirt has sleeves just up to the bicep and a slimmer fitting body. t Polo Ralph Lauren makes a nice clean and simple “Custom Fit” version of the Polo ain the original shirt with the smaller logo.  Trendy, without being overbearing
  • Khakis - Cool, lightweight, grab a few of the more eye-catching colours in addition to the staple colours.  With Khakis, you’re not going to break the bank by doing so