We provide an expert wardrobe consult and personal shopping service to our professional, fashion savvy but time-strapped clients.  We've toiled in the corporate world and understand how to deliver a polished look that communicates style, professionalism and confidence to existing and potential clients.  Whether you're trying to win new business, making multiple media appearances or striving to make your wife's friends green with envy -- we'll help you look the part. 
Accompanied Shop Along
Accompanied Shop Along ($125 per hour, $100 subsequent hour)
125.00 CAD / 1 hour
This package is where you accompany Style Counsel on the shop along and we provide some counsel on the selections being made. We’ll teach you on the different types of fits, cuts and how to distinguish between quality and something to ride out the season, because they are both worth having. This session will help you become a more informed and conscientious shopper. Goes back to that old proverb, buy a man a fish and feed him for a day but teach a man to fish and feed him for life - or something to that extent. We may have had to reword that cliche to avoid paying royalties but you get the idea.