We provide an expert wardrobe consult and personal shopping service to our professional, fashion savvy but time-strapped clients.  We've toiled in the corporate world and understand how to deliver a polished look that communicates style, professionalism and confidence to existing and potential clients.  Whether you're trying to win new business, making multiple media appearances or striving to make your wife's friends green with envy -- we'll help you look the part. 
OUR Causes
The Parkinson Society of Canada
My father suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for the final 12 years of his life. My father went from working 60-70 hour work weeks to struggling to clothe himself very quickly after diagnosis. He struggled with his speech, mobility and balance in addition to dealing with the accompanying mental and psychological changes.

Through the Parkinson Society, my father and I were fortunate to meet other people with the disease which helped put things into perspective.  We met people who were committed to doing the same things they were doing prior to their diagnosis/onset providing him with hope and inspiration.  After all, if others could manage so could he.   We also met people who were worse off than my dad which sent the message that this condition impacts everyone differently.  We were extremely grateful for this exposure as there is some comfort and strength in numbers.

Style Counsel is committing to donate 2.5% of profits to Parkinson Society for future research to Ease the Burden and Find a Cure for Parkinson sufferers and for its support programs.  
Skills for Change
Another cause that’s dear to our hearts is the struggles of educated and experienced newcomers when they come to Canada. We’ve devoted time to this organization as mentors and have learned a great deal from this relationship about perseverance and maintaining hope as you adapt to a new culture and environment. We’d like to continue contributing to this program that plays a key role in the acculturation and subsequent contribution of newcomers. Style Counsel will donate 2.5% of profit to Skills for Change for them to continue their great work with training programs, hiring of newcomers and getting them assimilated into their new home.

Below is a testimonial from someone who has gone through the program.

"The Mentoring Partnership program was a milestone in my career settlement in Canada. I arrived to Canada during the times of economic recession and it was tough to land a job in my field of expertise (Marketing Research). In an attempt to get into the research market, I visited many newcomers/employment services centres. However, despite the amount of knowledge and skills they provided, their suggested solutions were not of great help leading me towards to goal.
At that period, I learnt about the Mentoring Partnership service as a program that connects professionals with mentors from their field of expertise. I must admit that the experience was very fruitful. The program introduced me to some very talented professionals who not only provided me with insights on the research market, but supported me through the process that led me to the job market again. It was through that program that I learnt about the RAP (Research Analyst) program that equipped me with all the skills I needed to smoothly integrate into the research market and build my career again in it."
 - I.M.

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Clothing Donations 
Style Counsel strongly encourages everyone to purge their closes on a semi=annual basis.  You will come across some forgotten finds, get rid of stuff that's seen better days as well as make space for new clothing.  We can help you get rid of your older clothing although clothing donation boxes are pretty much everywhere.  Another option is we can collect your older clothing and sell it off for charity at a To Be Determined future Style Counsel event.  The funds will then be provided to a charity (which one exactly is to be determined).  This is something we're still flushing out as we're trying to find the most sustainable option for your unwanted clothing. 
Income tax receipts will not be issued for donations.