We provide an expert wardrobe consult and personal shopping service to our professional, fashion savvy but time-strapped clients.  We've toiled in the corporate world and understand how to deliver a polished look that communicates style, professionalism and confidence to existing and potential clients.  Whether you're trying to win new business, making multiple media appearances or striving to make your wife's friends green with envy -- we'll help you look the part. 
Last Updated August 13, 2014 at 5PM

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” 

― Francis BaconThe Essays

Think about the things you aspire your colleagues would say about you when you’re not there.  You would hope its things like “fearless”, “a leader not a follower”, “creative”, ”not afraid to push the envelope” and  “practices good hygiene”. 

Now think about all the things you could do to make people think this about you.  Landing the big account, successfully launching a new product, implementing the new process that several others before you weren’t able to, etc... Chances are opportunities like that come by once in a blue moon. 

How about an opportunity to show off your creative chops and stand out from the crowd on a weekly basis?  Yes, I’m talking about Casual Fridays.  Use your wardrobe as your vehicle to demonstrate your creativity, individuality and fearlessness.  Be bold and use the combination of fit, colour and emerging brands to show off how connected and edgy you are.


Last Updated July 08, 2014 at 5PM

I’ve been wearing Black, Blues and Grays my whole life?  How and where do I inject some colour?

 Let’s be honest about the world we live in.  In most places, there are a select few that can’t pass up the chance to make a comment if you deviate from the power, “manly” colours.  Some of the other pet peeves of this group of people are men who take paternity leave and European hockey players.  You can spend your life trying to stay within the confines of this fraternity or branch out ...slowly.

Last Updated July 08, 2014 at 4PM
some guys are uncomfortable with the L-word. Love?  Good guess, but no.  Lesbians?  Yes, another well-thought out guess, but no.  Not saying you're wrong, but not the L-word in mind.  Yes, I mean linen. Here's a summertime combo for work, weddings and the patio. Why it works: 

Last Updated June 24, 2014 at 5PM
Let Style Counsel introduce you to ...yourself.   Knowing your why behind your buy.  We all have different motivations that drive our desire to be office eye-candy.  It could be to convey status, be loyal to a designer that’s worked for us or just get the occasional compliment (guilty).   

Last Updated July 16, 2014 at 2PM
Being a keen people watcher, I’ve noticed all sorts of gym ensembles and really tried to understand the mindset responsible for putting some of these winning combinations together.  It almost seems there’s an unwritten role that whatever’s too fancy for us to sleep in by default becomes our gym clothes.  
It appears the rule of thumb people seem to be following for gym apparel is:
  1.  Any oversized shirt that was free, whether from a corporate retreat 5 years ago, shot from a cannon at the Raptors game or from your university orientation frosh week is fair game
  2.  The same shoes you can wear to a wedding do double duty as your workout shoes (mostly for guys)
  3.  “Reusable” bags don’t mean you can use the same bag to carry your gym clothes and then to bring home groceries for the family.  Let’s make sure there’s something  as being too green.  
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