We provide an expert wardrobe consult and personal shopping service to our professional, fashion savvy but time-strapped clients.  We've toiled in the corporate world and understand how to deliver a polished look that communicates style, professionalism and confidence to existing and potential clients.  Whether you're trying to win new business, making multiple media appearances or striving to make your wife's friends green with envy -- we'll help you look the part. 
About Us
Our Vision

  1. To help time-strapped, fashion savvy and professional men look the best they can with minimal effort.
Who We are

An expert wardrobe consulting service for the busy professional
Men enjoy looking good but rarely have the time to shop and source the latest and greatest trends and styles for themselves.
Use Style Counsel’s expert wardrobing and personal shopping service and save your time for the more important things in life. 
The Style Counsel team has toiled in the corporate world and understands the importance of the optics of a polished and credible look.  Whether your ambitions are political, professional or simply to make your wife’s friends green with envy, we got you.